How does Spray on Tan work?

The skin is made up of two main layers: the epidermis on the outside and the dermis on the inside. The epidermis is further broken down into two layers: the innermost "stratum basale" and the outermost "stratum corneum". Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the active tanning ingredient found in all spray on tan solutions, is a colourless sugar that interacts with the dead skin cells in the stratum corneum of the epidermis to produce a colour change. This colour change generally lasts for approximately 7 -10 days from the initial application.


Why choose Spray on Tan?

Spray on Tan is recognised as the safe alternative to tanning in sunlight or using solarium beds which are sources of damaging ultra violet (UV) rays that contribute to skin cancer and premature ageing, allowing you to look good and feel great all year round without the risks associated with UV tanning.


What should I do to prep my skin before my tan?

Ensuring that your skin is in the best condition before applying a tan will not only result in a more even looking tan, but it will ensure a longer lasting tan. For best results carry out all hair removal at least 24-hours prior to your spray tan and make sure you thoroughly exfoliate the skin, paying special attention to rough areas like the knees, hands, elbows and ankles. Use a tan removal mitt to remove any traces of old tan and dead skin cells to give a smooth base for your tan.


What should I do on the day of my tan?

Make sure you remove all make-up, deodorant, perfume, body-lotions, jewelry and sweat as it will effect the end result of your tan. Clean, fresh skin will allow the tanning product to be absorbed by your skin. Avoid using any oil-based products as they can leave traces on the skin that can cause streaking.


What sort of clothes should I wear to my appointment?

We recommend wearing dark, loose-fitting clothing after your tan.


What do I wear while I’m receiving my tan?

Majority of people prefer wearing a disposable G-String which we provide and we also have C-Cups available for purchase for those who don’t want to go completely nude but don’t want a tan line either. Going completely nude is also fine.


Who will apply my tan?

Our well-trained technician Megan will consult with you about your skin type and needs and then apply your spray tan in a private pop up booth.


How long does it take?

15-minutes all up including spray and drying time.


Does the spray tan smell or have an odour?

Generally no, our tans are completely free from the 'fake tan odour' and our clients actually say the solution smells like 'coconut.' The active ingredients in the tan actually react with the pigments in your skin, so the same tan can actually smell different on different people.


What should I do after my tan?

We have a range of different tans, which can be washed off between 2-8 hours, our technician will advise you which one you are having and when you should shower. Try and keep bath and showers cool or luke-warm as hot water can stimulate the tan to break up faster. Make sure you stay nice and cool and dry until you shower, no exercise and don’t get any water on you. When it is time to wash off, pat skin dry (rigorous rubbing will scrub the tan off and could result in patchiness). Moisturise the tan twice a day to lock in hydration and help your tan to fade naturally.


How long will my tan last?

Your tan, depending on your skin type, pre-tan preparation and after tan care, will generally last between 5 to 7 days for fair skin and 10 to 12 days for olive toned skin.


How can I make my tan last longer?

Try not to have a spa or swim as the chlorine can strip the tan off the body and cause patchiness

Avoid strenuous activities which may make you sweat

Avoid scrubbing your skin too hard in the shower for the week after your tan and avoid harsh body washes and soaps as these can affect your tan

Keep your skin hydrated by moisturising twice a day to lock the tan in and prevent skin from drying (a sorbolene base cream is best – try to avoid products containing fragrance, alcohol or parabens)

Will my skin be orange after the session?

No. This is a result of inexperienced or untrained tanners using poor products or poor equipment. Glamourpuss offers a professional spray tan service with trained staff, state of the art equipment and the finest products available. We do a full skin assessment prior to each appointment to tailor your spray tan to your personal needs. Typically, the orange tone that may result from the application of Spray on Tan is the result of too much DHA within a solution. Further to this, an orange looking undertone can be caused by too much over-spray or if the spray that is applied to the body is too strong. By ensuring you only use quality professional products like TechnoTan and are other recommended brands, an orange undertone will not be a risk.


If I have a big event coming up, when should I have my spray tan appointment?

You can book your tan any time within 4 days leading up to your event. However we recommend 1-2 days prior for best results. Tanning on the day of the event using our 2 hour tan is also an option.


If I have sensitive skin can I get sprayed?

If you have eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis it is best to patch test your skin before deciding to go ahead with being spray tanned. If you find that you have not had an irritating reaction then it is fine to have a spray tan. It is important to make sure the skin is thoroughly moisturized after the application of the Spray on Tan as it will stop the skin from drying out and will also make the tan last longer.


Do many guys get spray tans?

Yes, lots of guys are getting spray tans these days. We believe you look fitter, healthier and more attractive with a tan.


Is it safe for pregnant women to be spray tanned?

There is no evidence to suggest that spray tanning women when they are pregnant is unsafe. However it is important to understand that when a women's body is experiencing hormonal changes, their sense of smell can be heightened and the smell of spray on tan solution can be undesirable. Furthermore the hormonal changes can impact your skin in terms of its dryness and oiliness meaning that skin preparation and maintenance should be thoroughly managed. Also, being pregnant can make a woman’s body more sensitive, which means that skin may be more irritable to the tanning solution. We suggest having a patch test before getting the full tan. However, receiving a Spray on Tan is completely up to the individual, and it is our professional advice that any concerns be discussed with a doctor prior to getting a Spray on Tan.